Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

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According to wikipedia, online memorials started appearing in the late 1990s but were very unusual. Many were websites created in response to the death of an individual who was in the public eye such as for Rachel Corrie, rather than for general members of the public. In 1997, Carla Sofka recognized the increasing use of the Internet for grief expression at a time where few predicted its emergence as a new form of memorialization. Online memorials for public events, such as the one created by the National September 11 Memorial and Museum, can help communities to collectively produce a shared and authentic response to the event .Online memorials were created primarily for people who were well known. But now, these sites are for anyone who wants to pay tribute to their departed family member or friend, and ensure they will be remembered.

Helping grief

An online memorial is now widely accepted as an integral part of the grieving process outlined in the stages of grief model, and the underlying basis for this is the way in which it can bring those affected by a death closer together by encouraging communication and expression. It is normally one of the tools for bereaved people to communicate with each other and to act as a bridge with others. An online memorial where friends and family can tell their stories and express their feelings of loss over the medium term can help everyone manage their grief effectively together.

For many who have lost loved ones, visiting a crematorium is not always possible. They might live too far away and might also dread crying in public or find the journey too difficult. These increasingly popular sites allow people to be able to remember and commemorate together, wherever they are and whenever they wish,sharing memories with friends and family.They can even be used to memorize a loved one to the general public. Besides bring the best memorial initiative to you

Final Words,

Letting go of a loved one is usually a very difficult process. In order to provide your family peace-of-mind, 6by3 service offers complete care, so that you can focus on comforting each other as you prepare to say goodbye to someone dear to you. Our services makes us special, which we can define our self truly. provides a service that allows you to quickly and easily create a everlasting memorial website for your departed loved one. You can create a profile in about 30 seconds; add content to it using our easy to use interface that allows your family and friends to leave their messages of support and love, which is of enormous help and consolation during the grieving process.

Step #1 – Sign Up and create your account

  • Create a website using our sign up form, providing your details, the deceased person’s details.
  • An email from will be sent across for your confirmation which you can find in your inbox/spam mailbox.

    Upon Confirmation wait for 2-3 hours to activate your membership.

    Our registration process is very simple and will navigate you to the next step.

Step #2 – Member Login

  • Login with your verified username and password.
  • Visit . (Menu Bar)

Step #3 – Create a memorial profile page

  • Click on the profile to which you are creating Member Profile.
  • Customize by adding your own contents to the site including biography, favorites, adding photos/videos and so on so forth.
  • No restrictions in editing your profiles.

Step #4- Submit a Tribute/Condolence

  • You can visit any memorial profile and submit your Tribute/Condolence without login.

Step #5 – Share with Friends/Family

  • Once you are happy with how the profile looks, you can start sharing to your folks about it so that they can visit and leave their condolences too.

Our Potential lies in innovative features which differentiate us with others.

These are a few of the features you will be experiencing.

Memorial Site

A memorial website is a personalised space on the internet which is specifically designed to celebrate a loved one’s life story, and memories. The reason this is a great tool for families is, because it serves as one common place on the internet where friends and family can come together, share, remember, and celebrate the memories through these online tributes from anywhere in the world.

Few of the reasons why families choose memorial websites are,

  • They can be accessed and shared from anywhere in the world.
  • Each part of these memorial tributes can be personalised.
  • Upload photos, videos, favourites and many more.
  • A low cost memorial tribute that becomes a never-ending family keepsake.

Resource- Help and Guidance

We are not only a memorial website, we would rather like to be the best among best in enhancing one’s view towards life and beyond.

Here we would like to offer some of the best pieces of advice, mostly from secondary source to those who need it the most. We hope you will turn to us for compassionate care and impeccable service. Our pledge is to honor your loved one and family with dignity, respect and personal attention to every detail. We will help you to seek and understand how to be yourself during your great loss.


Updating soon!!

6by3 is an easy-to-use, friendly tool letting you create and maintain a rich memorial website, which will be the focal point of a community that keeps your loved one’s memory alive. It lets you to cherish your loved one and share the memories forever. We offer you a permanent way to share memories with family and friends from anywhere in the world which includes our innovative services such as Memorial Page for the Departed soul, Resource – Help and Guidance which can be used as useful tool in healing from grief and bereavement. You can pay your respect silently, which can be cherished for many years to come by Celebrating Life’s Memories.

To excite you in every step we have many and varied features which are designed to enable you to create a memorial that reflects your loved one’s life, personality and is tailored to the needs of your family and friends.

Write Biography
Write your loved one’s story. You have unlimited text so you do not have to leave out anything.

Photos- Add photos and captions that reminds of special memories of your loved one. Play a slide-show with all the photos you have uploaded.
Videos- You and your visitors can embed videos of your loved one(Links only allowed) from any of the popular video sharing sites like YouTube/Vimeo.

Create a timeline recalling significant dates and events a loved one life.

Share Stories/Favorites
Stories/favorites are a great way for family and friends to share their own personal memories of the person who has passed away. They are often insightful and very touching.

We have made it very easy for you to make your memorial public or private. A public memorial is open to anyone to view. A private memorial requires a password to view it. Your privacy comes first and is very important to us.

Post Comments/Tributes/Condolences
At time we may miss in expressing our true desire but here is an opportunity to express your deepest voice which needs to be listened

Social Media
Invite your Friends and Share your personalized Memorial Website with Facebook/Twitter.

Customer Support 24/7
Your memorial site is accessible and can be edited any time and in real time from user admin page.

Who Are We? We call ourselves as saviour of memories.

This portal lets people celebrate lives and keep safe legacies. Users share memories and photos of friends, loved ones and celebrities with each other. Additionally, we provide visitors with easy-to-use search tools to understanding how to face death and interactive resources to help them find advice and support. Audience attracts educated and family-oriented consumers in the highly sought‐after Baby Boomer and Generation X and Y segments who have significant purchasing power. They are highly receptive to advertising and are motivated to make positive lifestyle changes. provides an ideal advertising outlet for marketers of financial, health & wellness, travel, consumer goods and other categories. More than 60 percent of our users are female, and visitors are also more likely to be college-educated homeowners with higher than average household incomes.

Advertising Solutions

We offer a variety of advertising products and programs to fit your goals, including:

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