Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

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Helping a Friend in Grief

Helping a Friend in Grief

It’s hard to define and digest the fact that someone of yours is about to leave you alone and you get into a shell. Death is a natural process as the body prepares to live and move on, which surely causes physical and emotional disturbance among beloved ones. Sometimes we may always end up in understanding what should be your primary duty when you are aware of departing soul?

The following section will be guide you on handling concerns and fears with those around you and help you to prepare someone’s final stage, respectfully.

When we are very sure, it will be painful yet helpful to plan ahead trying to fulfil your loved one’s wishes. Making funeral arrangements in advance will reduce number of decisions you need to take while it also provides an opportunity to talk about arrangements, concerns and feelings.

For Them,

  • Sit with the dying person; hold his/her hand. Reassure the person with a reminder that you are there for them.
  • Identify your self by name. Speak softly, clearly and truthfully when you need to communicate.
  • Never give them a second guess on you treating very fairly while comforting may achieve a calming effect.
  • Avoid be harsh, be kind, handle gentle while sitting quietly next to them.

For Yourself

Your life may turn upside down affecting your normal life to a greater extent. Being helpless and hopeless, sometimes you may feel like running away from the responsibility. You will terribly fail in concentrating at anything when you see a person whom you love and respect the most, fading away.

The best way you can prepare is,

  • Make sure you talk to the person about how he/she wants you to be in near future, ask everything which they wanted to see in you.
  • Never give false promises to deceased one as guilt may take you for ride later, promise them to deliver your word.
  • Guilt, anger, frustration will hammer your thinking on what to be done as death comes unexpectedly, so try to forgive yourself.
  • Try calling your relative/friends/know people whom you would like to see the deceased person and pay respect.
  • Spend as much as time with beloved person, show your care and love and do not be afraid to touch, hug or kiss the person. Even better, lie down beside them.
  • Without letting knowing anyone (Expect few of your family), Just make sure in advance post death requirement is been made when in reality the person is still alive.
  • Let us not forget to spend every minute of yours with the person who is losing breath eventually. This will lead you to understand life very closely.

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