Helping Families and Friends Honor Their Loved One

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This website is not about death. It is all about celebrating one’s life memories. We have focused our commitment in creating a site with meaningful features for you to create a memorial website of your dearest loved one. This website can be used as useful tool in healing from grief and bereavement while you pay your respects, which can be cherish for many years to come. one join us and celebrate life’s memories

A little about us

We have 3 stories to tell you, surprisingly.

Story #1:

Myself, Arvind, left college by 4.55 pm to meet my design team. I took same old road back home, and to my surprise I found traffic normal and wondered whether was it Sunday or any Government holiday? While I was still in the 2nd gear riding at slower pace which was very closer to the road divider, suddenly, out of the blue, with a jolt, an auto rickshaw came closely and took my bike along, with the bike handle locked with auto. I screamed and shouted slow down.. slow down.. but in vain. I was just dragged with the two vehicles.

I knew it was happening and it was real, everything just faded away in a fraction of second.

I was calm as I was watching myself falling off my bike, and, I was right there seeing myself rolling 3 to 4 times on road without knowing, will I survive again? I felt I was nearing my own end. If I fall by the right of road, sure thing, I would have been found dead at the divider.

If I feel onto the left, sure thing, I would have been torn into pieces, with a vehicle passing over me. It was the 1st of April, 2015.

Perhaps if something would have happened to me, what am I really left with, to share?


Story #2:

It was a month of pain and agony i.e. I met with an accident and then, I happened to meet a good friend of mine who visited our home. He kept asking about our childhood life and then at one point, I was dumbfounded to a question he asked me, (he asked when did my little sister die). I was ashamed of myself for not giving him finite details about her.

Perhaps when someone you love and they depart, what are you really left with to experience bliss?


Story #3:

It has been 9 years since my father died in my arms, facing my eyes. How can I make my next generation to remember things about my Father?

Perhaps, what is the one thing which you would like to carry forward when your beloved passes away?


Bottom line,

How can I preserve memories of my beloved ?

How can I live a legacy for my next generation to know better about one’s family history?

I foresee that online memorial sites dedicated to lives of those whom we love and now have lost, would help to bring families together. It would also help our children learn about the lives of their ancestors and preserve memories of them and thus these 3 stories talks about one nearing death experience and after death memory loss, which is the primary reason for me to start a 6by3 memorial website, a true place, where anyone could create an online memorial of their beloved one they have lost

An online memorial website is perhaps the best way to remember the life of a loved one who has passed away. With 6by3, you can create a never ending tribute to someone close, whom you have lost. We provide an easy to use service that allows you to create and maintain a memorial website, where family and friends can pay their tributes Thereby, keeping the loved one’s memory alive.


To be the most respected memorial website, globally.


6by3 is passionately committed to improve the quality of life by providing our respected members to retain the memories of a beloved departed soul with a high value, innovative service. We would like to connect every disconnected family by our novel idea by making our world a better place, while making a significant and lasting impression on every one.


Empathy – An intimate connection with the feelings of others: “We will truly understand your needs better than any other”.

Focus – “Create everlasting impression on those aspects that we decide to do, and we need to eliminate all of the unimportant opportunities”.

What do we believe in? How important is it to preserve the stories of the departed for the future?

Your memories, after all, are a way you hold on to the people you love, who you never ever wanted to lose.

Un parallel questions like,

  • How can I make the departed memories to live long despite they are not with us any more?
  • How can I give my due respect by keeping their memories eternally?
  • How can I connect with my disconnected family and others?
  • How can I praise my forefather who have given us a chance to be part of this beautiful life?
  • How can I make a emotional difference by paying my deepest respect for what they were to me?

Our Purpose

Bring the dead back to life, respectfully.

With our high end values and innovative services, you can easily:

  • Share your favourite memories and stories.
  • Upload a few memorable images.
  • Invite others to contribute images and memories by sharing tributes.
  • Create and share a personalised web link and share.
  • Get in touch with others who have been touched by similar life experiences.
  • Communicate with other users through the site for mutual understanding and support.

Its takes the real human in us to gift the world, a better tomorrow. We may aspire to be the most respected memorial website globally, nevertheless, if we do not empower our society our efforts will always stand still.

With this note we would like to associate with like minded organsiations which promotes Health Awareness at large and don’t mind in sharing our legacy with everyone. We would like to take pride in associating with BIG names who confidently instill success in us and give us an opportunity to be a change agent in changing the world.

Come and join with us.

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